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6 Travel Gifts For Christmas Your Kids Will Love
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It's that time of year and if your household is anything like mine, the kiddos have been reminding you that Christmas has been coming since September. In fact, so have the retailers. There a few gifts that are at the top of my kid's wish list that are great for young travelers. These gifts are also portable if you will be celebrating the holidays this year away from home.

There's No Place Like Home
Hotel rooms can sometimes feel a bit sterile for a kid. What may seem spa-like to adults will appear cold to a young traveler.  My youngest likes to bring something with her when she travels to remind her of home. Sometimes it can be a favorite stuffed animal, but her favorite tag along is a blanket. It serves double duty for chilly rooms when visiting grandpa's house over the holidays. Consider putting a comfy blanket under the tree this year like this one to cozy up your little one. 

Travel Tip: If your child suffers from anxiety or ADHD, weighted blankets like this one are highly recommended by many parents.

Savor the Memories
My tween discovered a love of journaling this year while traveling. At home she uses her travel journal as a daily diary and wish book. I enjoy the idea of young children journaling regularly because it promotes writing and organization skills. This year she is learning calligraphy at home and since she already likes to draw, her journal has turned into this bright, creative work of art. I look forward to seeing her pages and because it's more of a memory book, unlike a traditional diary, she doesn't mind sharing it with me. If you don't like the idea of your young one keeping secrets locked and tucked away it's a great alternative. You can find a listing of great kid's journals here. This is also a great gift for an adult traveler. If you are also interested in a great beginner's calligraphy set you can find one here.

This year she has added an instant camera to her wishlist. Not only is it a great addition to a child who likes to journal, but a great way to document any trip with your kids. Seeing the world through a child's eyes is one of the many benefits to traveling with children. And because they don't have to wait to get film developed instant cameras are very popular with young photographers. A perfect gift for  a child who likes to decorate their room (and your fridge) with their latest works of art. You can purchase an instant camera here.

Travel Tip: Turn an old cell phone into an electronic photo travel journal.

Staying on Track
Each trip someone is desginated as responsible for keeping us on schedule. Kids love when it's their turn to keep time, especially on the day when their favorite spot is on the agenda. A watch makes a great travel gift because it's a great way to teach kids responsibility. They feel like they are an important part of the trip and the planning. Your younger kids will be learning how to tell time an older kids begin learning how important it is to be prompt. Here is a selection of great kids watches.

Map It Out
Putting a map up in your kid's room is a great educational tool. It will not only inspire your little explorer, but keep them engaged and ecited about yur next adventure together. Used as a learning tool, you can casually teach your child geography. For traveling parents, it's also a great way to show your kids where you're going when you're out of town or where family members live. You can find a kid-friendly map here

My final gift idea to share is for both kids and parents. When my gang gets together, often there are just not enough beds and we end up playing a game of rock, paper, scissors on who gets to share. One way to address this dilemma if you're traveling iwth a baby is to bring along a pack-n-play. Pack-n-plays are portable cribs you can easily put in a trunk when traveling. They fold nicely and are generally light weight. Many, like this one, have the option of attaching mobiles and toys for your little one's entertainment.  A foldable bed like this one would work as an alternative for your older child.

Travel Tip: Many hotels, upon request, offer pack-n-plays and cots to guests. Keep in mind there may be an additional fee for this service.

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Happy Travels.